Help a child choose a brighter future. Donate today and Help a Child Grow.  image

Help a child choose a brighter future. Donate today and Help a Child Grow.

Help provide education opportunities for overlooked communities in Latin America.

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BPP is raising funds to support one year of enrollment for 20 children

Choose My Future

From what to eat for breakfast to what career path to take, our choices cumulatively and gradually shape who we are in the present and who we choose to become.

Last year at the onset of a global pandemic, when circumstances required we stay in our houses indefinitely, our freedom to choose became more limited. This year, as the weather warms up and restrictions begin to ease up, we can now glimpse the possibility of moving and choosing freely once again.

As vaccines are distributed, society is being reawakened. Schools are open, and people and economic activity are in motion once again. In some places, however, the process of recovery will be much longer and more drawn out.

Children in the developing world are coping with learning loss, while their parents find themselves with less available time as they try to secure employment opportunities.

The Barrio Planta Project (BPP), a nonprofit education initiative, empowers children and youth in Latin America by providing them with the resources required to choose their own future.

Help BPP continue to customize educational programs for children to compensate for learning loss, so they can catch up, and also move and choose freely once again.