Let’s hold onto hope together this year. Donate today and Help a Child Grow.  image

Let’s hold onto hope together this year. Donate today and Help a Child Grow.

Help provide education opportunities for overlooked communities in Latin America.

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Give a Child the Hope they Need

Hold Onto Hope

The Barrio Planta Project (BPP) provides relevant educational opportunities to overlooked communities in Nicaragua with high-quality programs in ESL, Computers, the Arts, and more. BPP covers the cost of students enrollment and tuition through donations. In February, our school year begins, and we are hosting a fundraiser now to secure the enrollment of our students for the upcoming school year.

2021 has taken us on a wild ride. Although we’ve taken many steps forward, away from the pandemic, we’ve also taken a couple of steps backward. Almost every day this year, our concept of reality has shifted drastically. As a result, we’ve learned to adapt to not really knowing what’s around each bend.

We've also decided that some things just aren’t flexible or negotiable, like our connections with family, our needs for stability, and for many our passions, joys & hobbies. At BPP, one of those things has been hope: Hope for opportunity, hope for a brighter future, hope for our communities.

Since 2020, we have consistently adapted our education platforms in ESL, Computers, and the arts from classrooms to virtual learning, to hybrid models, and more unique combinations to fit the specific needs of our beneficiaries. However, one thing always remains consistent: our commitment.

Our students in Nicaragua face a lot of obstacles, like lack of access to the internet, limited medical care, and adverse weather conditions that often prevent them from making it to school. At BPP, we make sure they have access to the resources they need to continue to pursue their dreams - no matter what.

Let’s hold onto hope together this holiday season, by giving the gift of education to communities in need, continuing to be a source of hope and opportunity. Donate today at BppHope.org.