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Why Sponsorships Are Important

BPP's sponsorship program was established in 2015 in order to guarantee enrollment for our star students who maintained consistent attendance, worked hard and demonstrated dedication to their education. From there, we have identified the needs of the school itself, including transportation, lunch program and the incentive program - the essentials that help us provide a high-quality education to as many students as we can.

  • Sponsor a Student: BPP is a free, after-school program that teaches English and extracurricular activities. That said, even though it is free to our students, there is a cost associated to educate each student, which is $100 a month, per student. In order to help keep BPP free for our students and their families, monthly donations will be allocated to sponsor the education of our students who have consistent attendance, work hard and take advantage of everything our program has to offer. Each semester you will receive a full update including a handwritten letter from your sponsored student, their most recent report card and a photo.
  • Incentives Program Sponsor: Your monthly donation of $50 will be allocated to our incentive programs that we have in place for our students, with an emphasis on our perfect attendance trips but may also be utilized for weekly student dinners and other educational field trips. Each month, any student who maintains perfect attendance, is awarded at the end of the month with a Saturday field trip to enjoy the fun and the sun. Because of recent unrest in Nicaragua, where we have experienced a significant loss of jobs in the tourism sector, our local sponsors simply are unable to fully support us as they have in the past, which is why we are looking for sponsors like you, who will help support this program which has become imperative to rewarding our students – they look forward to it and dedicate themselves each month to achieve this field trip. The cost associated per month is approximately $300 per school. We will send you monthly updates and pictures from each monthly perfect attendance trip.
  • Lunch Program Sponsor: Your monthly donation of $30 will be allocated to our Escamequita school, where students often do not have time to go home in between their public school and BPP. You will receive information about the student whose day you made brighter with a meal as well as their photo.
  • Already know what you want to sponsor? Shoot us an email at info@barrioplantaproject.org.

For more information, please contact Emilie Lehan, Director of Development, at elehan@barrioplantaproject.org.

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