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Sponsor a student this school year!

Help us welcome back as many students as possible this fall.

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Back To School with BPP

Who gave you the opportunity to learn? Are you ready to pay it forward?

As COVID-19 continues to spread, many parents are choosing not to send their children to school this fall. However, there are rarely virtual alternatives for students in rural or removed areas like Escamequita and San Juan del Sur. Because of this, BPP remains committed to providing educational programming this year, but we need help providing as many students as possible with the opportunity to

Because we must limit our programming this fall, only sponsored students are guaranteed a place in classes. A monthly donation of $100 gives a student the opportunity to continue their education, and makes you an official Student Sponsor!

The program: Established in 2015, BPP’s Sponsor A Student program connects generous donors with individual students at our schools in Nicaragua who have maintained consistent attendance, hard work in classes, and dedication to their education. BPP is a free, after-school program that teaches English and extracurricular activities. That said, even though it is free to our students, there is a cost associated to educate each child, which is $100 a month per student. In order to help keep BPP free for our students and their families, monthly donations will be allocated to sponsor the education of our star students.

What you'll receive: Student Sponsors receive hand-drawn cards and letters from their student biannually, and can even become their email pen pal. We’ll also send a magnet with the student's photo and their report card, along with a letter from their teacher each semester so you can follow their life throughout the year.

Most importantly, sponsored students are guaranteed a place in our classrooms this fall, whether virtually or in-person.

For more information about BPP or sponsorship, please contact Nicole Hicks, International Development Coordinator, at nhicks@barrioplantaproject.org