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Angel's Story

For International Children's Month, we will be introducing you to some of our students and share their story of their path to BPP and the impact it has made on their lives.

Meet Angel. At just nine years old, you would never guess that Angel only began to learn English just a few months ago. Angel is in his first semester at BPP Mexico, our school located in las Cañadas, on the outskirts of Puerto Vallarta. Angel's passion for learning is infectious. It is clear through his interactions with his peers, that his exuberance and delight for learning new skills like ESL, spreads to them quickly, making him a positive influence in the classroom.

As you may know from our story, in Nicaragua and Mexico, children only attend school in the morning or the afternoon, which does not leave ample room for an education and also plenty of time without parental supervision. English as a Second Language (ESL) is not often taught and dropout rates are high.

BPP was founded by one child's story - her parents approached our founder, Dyani Makous in 2009, as they wanted her to have the opportunity to learn English. Recognizing the need for a higher-quality education and skills that could directly relate to the day-to-day economy of tourism in San Juan del Sur, BPP was established as a nonprofit, after-school program dedicated to teaching students ESL and other extracurricular activities. In our first school, what started with a handful of students in the first semester, quickly grew to over 100 students in the first couple of years. It is with the investment of the local communities that we are able to sustain our high-quality educational programs and ongoing commitment to program improvement.

How You Can Help

2018 has proved to be one of our biggest, most ambitious starts to the year in BPP history. We partnered with the public school system with our original school in SJDS as a means to identify the students who would have the highest impact from a program like BPP, and in turn, further grow the student body population there. Escamequita, located 40 minutes south of SJDS, was able to accept more students with the completion of the second school room. And, last, we opened our first school in Mexico, in las Cañadas just outside of Puerto Vallarta. The school officially opened its doors at the beginning of April.

As you may know, those of you here in Nicaragua or in other parts of the world, we are encountering turmoil in our beautiful country of lakes and volcanoes. BPP's mission is to empower the children and youth of Latin America through free supplementary schooling that instills confidence and enhances creativity and communication skills. In these times of uncertainty, we need your help more than ever to help a child grow. Our schools in Nicaragua and Mexico will continue to provide kids a place where they can feel safe and promote learning, even when we're out on summer break. With the office open, our kids are welcome to come to BPP, where we provide much-needed structure to the lives of the economically disadvantaged children we serve.

"Whether its building on our two schools in Nicaragua or kick-starting our newest school in Las Cañadas, Mexico, BPP continues to pursue our mission to help children and their families push through obstacles, and we need your help. This International Children's Month, invest in our greatest resource and the future of this planet; Help a Child Grow.

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